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Updated: Feb 3

Community Health Activities Club organized an Awareness Talk on 26th of July 2023 in association with the Health Education Club. Dr. Tamilarasi Arunkumar, Senior Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Meditrina Hospitals, Kollam served as  the Resource Person. The topic of the talk was ‘Well Women Nutrition’. The talk was held in Seminar hall and lasted for two hours from 10 a.m.

Following the camp, a thyroid checking camp was held at the Department of Zoology where the students, staff and non-teaching staff of the college attended in full strength. The names, email IDs and mobile numbers were collected at the camp and the blood results were mailed to the participants.

Community Health Activities Club organized a seminar on 10th of October 2023 in association with the Counseling cell of our college on the occasion of the World Mental Health Day. The topic of the seminar was ‘Sustainable mental health’. Dr. Fresnal Das, Assistant Professor in Psychology, at Fatima Mata National College, Kollam served as the resource person. He elaborated on the significance of mental health and the varied ways in which it could be sustained. The interactive segment at the end of the session was highly appreciated by our students.


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