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To achieve excellence in research, the college has constituted a 'Research Committee'. The committee aims to provide a rich intellectual environment for collaborative research among faculty and students from various departments. The committee co-ordinates the research activities in the institution and encourages research oriented progarmmes.

Research Committee Members
  1. Dr. Chithra P G – Convener

  2. Dr. Manju A

  3. Dr. S Sekharan

  4. Dr. S. Suma

  5. Dr. Sheeba M.R

  6. Dr. Deepak Nand

  7. Dr. Arunima S R

  8. Dr. Prabha Jyothi P S

  9. Dr. Nithya U.S

  10. Dr. Poornima Vijayan P

  11. Dr Aparna Ajith 

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