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Arts Day

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Arts serve a vital function in our society and human history. Creative acumen and artistic innovation that comes in multiple forms and medium are alive and booming at the Sree Narayana College for Women and is reflected in the Arts Day, observed in our college every year. The day celebrates the talents of our students at both Performing and Fine Arts with much fervour and excitement. Many distinguished artists have graced the Arts Day celebrations of our College with their presence, over the last years. The day starts off with the divine rendition by the college choir to pay salutations to the Lord Almighty followed by the formal inauguration of the event by a noted artist. Later, the artistic talents of our students across diverse range of genres including music, poetry, dance, theatre, visual arts and more are showcased. The spectacular performances on stage are enjoyed with enthusiastic cheers by the spectators dressed up in colourful attires dancing to the tunes and music leaving beautiful memories for all to cherish. Competitions across various items are arranged in connection with the Arts Day and the winners represent the college at the University level and display their prowess and has won laurels in many occasions.

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