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The Scholar Support Programme started under the New Initiatives in Higher education of the Directorate of Collegiate education, Government of Kerala envisages to provide continuous support and timely assistance to the needy students of the Undergraduate courses of Government aided Arts and Science Colleges of Kerala.This compensatory programme aims at imparting personalized additional support to needy students through tutorials, study materials, additional lectures, question banks and interactive sessions. Applications are invited from the students and students with least marks in the qualifying examination selected. Those who scored low marks in English are also included in the selection list. The programme has a college level coordinator and is monitored by the college council. Eminent faculty from within the institution and faculty from outside the institution are engaged for this purpose. These classes are normally conducted during morning/afternoon and holidays without affecting the regular class hours.The programme has been implemented in the college since the academic year 2016-17. At present 80 students from 10 departments are being provided special assistance under this scheme.


Activities during 2023-24

First Year ( I and II Semesters)
Forty students were selected from the first year degree programme. The disciplines selected were Economics, History, Zoology, Mathematics and Chemistry for which ten mentoring sessions each were provided by the internal faculty. Ten sessions for English language was also provided to these students by the faculty of the college. In addition to these, ten sessions were also provided by an ASAP trainer to improve English language skills. Along with this, a two hour session on personal growth and self-esteem enhancement and another three hour session on learning skills were also provided by an external expert. The internal mentors of the first year programme were Ms Parvathy A V, Assistant Professor in Economics, Ms Mani V, Assistant Professor in History, Dr Sheethal Lal S, Assistant Professor in Zoology, Ms Silpa Suresh, Assistant Professor in Mathematics and Dr. Vijayalekshmi V, Asst Professor in Chemistry. Ms Hima was the internal mentor in English and Ms Aswathy Nair, SDE ASAP was the external expert. The sessions on learning skills and personal growth was handled by Dr Sony P Varghese, Asst Professor in Education, Peet Memorial Training College, Mavelikkara.

Second Year ( III and IV Semesters)
From among the students of the second year also forty students were selected. Mentoring was offered in Physics, Mathematics, Economics, History and Home science by internal faculty members. They were also provided ten sessions of English classes by an internal faculty and also ten additional sessions of English class by an external trainer from ASAP. In addition to this, they were also provided sessions on life skills and learning skills by an external trainer. The internal mentors were Ms Aswathy B R, Assistant Professor in Physics, Mr Mahesh Kumar, Assistant Prof in Mathematics, Dr Prabhavathy C , Assistant Professor in Economics, Ms Lalini, Assistant Professor in History and Dr Rekha VV, Assistant Professor in Home Science. They were also provided ten sessions of English classes by an internal faculty in addition to another ten sessions by an external trainer from ASAP. Ms Reshma Salim Assistant Professor,
Dept of English was the internal mentor in English language. Ms Aswathy B Nair, SDE ASAP was the external mentor in English and Dr Sony P Varghese, Assistant Professor in Education, Peet Memorial Training College, Mavelikkara provided external expertise in learning skills and personal growth.
A pre-assessment form was collected from each student at the outset of the programme. At the end of the session, post assessment report was collected from the students to assess the programme outcome.



  • Dr Sindhu Pratap

Scholar Support Programme(SSP)

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