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College Level Monitoring Committee (CLMC)

Monitoring of the First-Degree Programme in college level is done by the College Level Monitoring Committee. The Committee shall consist of the Principal, the Heads of the Departments and the elected representatives of teachers in the College Council. The Principal shall be the Chairperson and a member selected by the CLMC from among the Heads of the Departments shall be the Convener. This Committee shall be responsible for the conduct of the First-Degree Programmes, ensuring minimum instructional days, making arrangements for ESE (University Examinations) of various semesters etc

This Committee shall consider all the complaints not redressed by the DLMCs. While considering the complaints, by the CLMC, the College Union Chairperson shall be included as an invitee. The College Level Monitoring Committee shall be reconstituted by the Principal immediately on commencement of each academic year.

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