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The Sree Narayana College for Women, Kollam accords high priority to student counselling. Though the teacher-student bonding at the college is very strong and mentoring effectively addresses academic and social problems faced by our students, professional interventions by mental health professionals often becomes necessary to help students facing major problems in personal life, to establish realistic goals through active therapeutic measures. A significant proportion of our students are first generation learners and diversity exists within the student community, in terms of differing socio-economic and educational backgrounds, differing cultures, religious affiliations and personal abilities. Problems stemming from suddenly acquired independence, social activity, technology mediated social networks, peer pressure and intense competition pose several challenges to the students. Counselling is provided to students facing emotional, behavioural, academic, social or other adjustment concerns.


Academic counselling is given through group counselling methods to students in all disciplines by their mentors and experts in the respective fields of study.


Personal counselling is given on a one - to - one basis for students facing personal problems. A professional counsellor visits the campus on two days a week and is available on call on all working days. Counselling is provided to the students who are identified by the class tutors and also to those who request to undergo counselling. Follow up procedures are done to ensure desired outcomes.

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  • Dr. Seena Gopinathan

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