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Earn While You Learn


The "Earn while you learn" programme provides opportunities to the students to earn while they are learning, through part-time jobs. The main objective of the scheme is to develop a student as a multifaceted personality with academic excellence and a commitment to an egalitarian society. It inculcates in the student the idea that no work is big or small and develops a work culture with the right aptitude. Encourage young students to learn about dignity of labor. Prevent students from avoidable distractions and engage them in meaningful, positive activities.

      It is not only a platform for students of various streams to financially support their studies but also to gain practical experience which would stand by them in their later career. It will help in a long way in understanding the value of money and money management in future. It will allow the students to make a decision whether to choose an alternate career or cement their plans about the same career path. Various departments and the students were really inspired and they have adopted it as self employment and are earning from their learned skills. In this context, a program was organized this year on 30/01/2023, in which many department students made food, art things. Which they  displayed and sold. Due to which they got a lot of financial help. The program started at 10 am. It was inaugurated by the Principal. All the teachers, Non teaching staff  and other students helped them by buying things. By 12 o'clock everything was sold out. This filled them with enthusiasm. They are waiting for the next program.

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