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 SNCW creates an inclusive culture preventing discrimination, exploitation and exclusion of specially abled students from all spheres of work and  education. The Divyangjan cell in our college supports and motivates them in all academic and non – academic activities . The college has Grievance / Welfare cell for differently abled  students to ensure all necessary services to them . The cell also provides the necessary guidance and counselling according to their requirements . Motivational talks and sessions on schemes and opportunities for the students are assigned .Through frequent interactions with parents and teachers the cell simultaneously attempted to adapt new concerns of those students .

            The college looks after the physical infrastructure and avails resources at par with the unique needs of the Divyangjan students. Some of them includes

  • Physical facilities like small benches for dwarf students.

  • Accessible special toilets

  • Pedestrian friendly roads

  • Accessible classrooms

  • Accessible labs

  • Service of scribes for differently abled students with relaxation of time allotted during examinations.

  • Braille software in library .

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