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National Cadet Corps (NCC)

International Millet Year -  Poster making competition by NCC unit SNCW - 21st Aug 2023 - The program was inaugurated by the Principal Dr Aswathy Sugunan. It was conducted to create awareness about the millet year which aims to promote the importance of millets and its health benefits particularly to the underprivileged.

World Literacy Day - 8th Sep 2023 - A poster making competition was conducted by NCC unit SNCW relating to the World Literacy Day. The principal Dr Aswathy Sugunan inaugurated the program while ANO Capt. Lakshmi Gopidas delivered the awareness class emphasizing the theme "Building the foundation for sustainable and peaceful society". Around 75 cadets participated and the prize distribution was taken charge by the principal.

Gandhi jayanti - 2nd oct 2023* - On this day a swach bharat march was conducted by the government of kerala. The NCC unit of SN College for Women participated in the march conducted from rest house to Kollam beach and this program officially inaugurated by our Honourable Collector Afsana Parveen and felicitated by M Naushad MLA.

World Suicide Prevention Day - 10th September 2023- An interactive section with Ms.Ashmin I, Jeevani counselor has been established in related with this program.“Creating Hope Through Action” is the triennial theme for the World Suicide Prevention Day.Around 75 cadets participated in this program.