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Updated: Feb 3

The Community Health Activities Club organized a seminar on the 17th of February 2022 on ‘Healthy Eating for Healthy Living.’ The seminar was held in Smart Room: 67A of the Science block at 2 p.m. The resource person  Smt. Manjusha V, Chief Dietitian at Sankar’s Hospital, Kollam elaborated on the importance of various nutrients in our diet and the consequences of the deficiency of each of them on our health. An interactive session followed where the queries asked by the participants were answered. 

A webinar was organized by the Community Health Activities in association with The Indian Psychiatric Association, Kerala branch on the 20th of March 2022. The topic of the webinar was ‘Cyber addiction in adolescents’.Dr. Namitha Nazeer, Assistant Surgeon in Psychiatry in the Kerala State Health Services, Kollam served as the resource person. The webinar commenced at 10 a. m extending till noon. A detailed presentation on the importance of maintaining moderation in using mobile phones and the consequences of its over-usage on our social, psychological, mental and overall health was made by the resource person. Additionally, she administered a self- diagnostic questionnaire to the students to evaluate if they are addicted to the internet.


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