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Media Club

Media club aims at fostering the skills and aptitude among the students on how to use media in the public and cultural domain. The club engages and brings to forefront the students who exhibit interest and talent in photography, filming etc. Students are given the opportunity to develop their skills through training programs such as video editing, short film projects, photography courses, exhibitions, field trips and competitions.

Nature of activities of Media Club
  • The Club endorses the students a chance to explore the society more openly.

  • Looks forward to provide a bright opportunity for students interested in media activity

  • Also brings up to date new information and widens the social horizon of the college

Club Representative

Coordinator: Dr. Vidya. D. R (Malayalam)


Dr. Reshma. P.P (Hindi)

Dr. Sruthy (English)

Ms. Jayalekshmi (English)

Dr. Prabha Jyothi (Physics)

Krishna Sree R S(Physics)

Dr. Sreechithra(Hindi)

Dhanya (Botany)

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