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Women's Study Unit

The Women’s Study Unit of the college is very active and frequently conducts Seminars and Camps in the campus. The main aim of Women’s study unit is a holistic development of the girl students of the college catering to both their physical and psychological needs. Emphasising on this specific responsibility of the Women’s study unit , many invited talks focussing on the issues and concerns of girl students were conducted in the college. Moreover many practical sessions keeping in tune with the empowerment of women were conducted to give a first hand experience to the girl students.Apart from this,the women study unit of the college specifically focuses on how to tackle and overcome the problems that a girl student confronts in her real life situation .

Club Representative

Coordinator: Dr. Silpa Sasankan (Commerce)


Ms. Devi Priya (Botany)

Dr. Smitha. S (Physics)

Ms. Vandana. S Dharan (Maths)

Ms. Silpa Suresh (Maths)

Dr. Veena (Hindi)

Ms. Shwetha R Mohan (Music)

Ms. Aparna Das (Economics)

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