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Science Club

The aim of teaching and study of sciences is to encourage and enable students to develop inquisitive minds. It not only enhances curiosity about science and the natural world but also helps to acquire knowledge, conceptual understanding and skills to solve problems. A deeper understanding of Science enable students to make informed decisions in scientific and other contexts

Nature of activities of Science Club
  • To arouse and cultivate interest of students in learning science.

  • To promote the use of IT in learning science

  • To understand scientific knowledge through experiments.

Club Representative

Coordinator: Dr. Remya. A. S (IMB)


Dr. Ashabhanu (Chemistry)

Dr. Deepak Nand (Physics)

Ms. Pavitha.P.A (Chemistry)

Dr. Asha. C. L (Chemistry)

Dr. Poornima Vijay (Chemistry)

Dr .Priyadarsini ( Physics)

Ms. Indu Suresh (Home science)

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