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Debate Club

The aim of debate club is to empower students with the skills of expressing their beliefs clearly and concisely. It also aims at developing the skills of public speaking , effective communication in a formal setting and the necessity of students to stay aware of current events in the world.

Nature of Debate Club activities
  • To provide a significant training ground for the development of students’ communicative abilities.

  • To provide opportunities for students to practice and share their skills of development.

  • To create situations of learning in which students develop proficiencies based on sound educational and communication theories.

Club Representative

Coordinator: Dr. Remya. R (Malayalam)


Dr. Aparana Ajith (English)

Mr. Vishnu Chandran (English)

Dr. Veena. J (Hindi)

Dr. Sreechithra. V. S (Hindi)

Ms. Archana. P. J (Botany)

Ms. Remya (English)

Dr. Lekshmi. V S (Malayalam)

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