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Tutorial Committee

Tutorship system was introduced in our college with the intention of bringing comprehensive improvement in the all round development of the student by observing them from a closer point and rendering necessary help, as and when it arises. Every faculty member is encouraged to take up tutorship in turns so that all of them get an opportunity to relate to the students in a closer proximity providing greater opportunities for personal rapport between the teacher and the taught, thus forming a binding for life. Every student deserves an opportunity to bloom her skills and capabilities and tutors give them the right platform for the inclusive indulgence and evolution of the student. They regularly monitor the conduct and progress of the students and give advise on the avenues that need academic as well as personal advancement.

A very competent unit for student counselling functions in our college for addressing problems at their personal as well as academic front, but tutorial supervision goes that extra mile and pay individual attention in offering personalised moral support to students under their tutorship. Over the years the tutorship system has proved to build up a sense of belongingness in the students and has widely reinstated confidence in them, thus making their study arena at college a comfortable one.

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